Thursday, 3 February 2011

New/Old Charlaine Harris SFX Interview 'Talking The Books And True Blood'

SFX’s True Blood/Vampires special is currently brightening up your local newsagents, check out our link here – and True Blood season three is currently airing on FX in the Uk. So the people at SFX don’t need any further excuses to reprint this interview with Sookie Stackhouse creator Charlaine Harris, which originally appeared in their last vampire special, from May. I don't think the interview has been online before and I haven't seen this photo of Charlaine before...which I love, very spooky!

SFX: When True Blood first came out, you told us you were “90 per cent happy with it”. Would you stick by that figure now, or are you more or less happy with the show?
Charlaine Harris: Oh, I’m delighted with the programme. I couldn’t be happier with it, really!
SFX: How much input do you have into the storylines of the TV series?
CH: My input consists of having written the original books that the stories are taken from.
SFX: So they don’t run things past you?
CH: No, they know how to run their show and I know how to write my books.
SFX: What do you think it is about your stories, and the way they’ve been filmed, that has made them so popular?
CH: I think the advantage lies in the fact that Alan Ball is a genius. He’s such a great talent that I think everything he creates is going to be of popular interest. When he’s involved, you know it’s going to be controversial enough that people are going to want to talk about it at the water cooler, it’s going to be sensational enough, and it’s going to have a group of very talented actors.
SFX: Do you think HBO’s high production values have helped?
CH: Of course, the high production values help. HBO is a really class act and I’m very proud to be working with them.
SFX: Has the series brought new readers to the books?
CH: Yes, in the high multiples. It’s certainly brought me more male readers.
SFX: Has anything in True Blood – characters, settings or suchlike – had an influence on subsequent novels?
CH: I like to think not, because I’ve been living with the characters for many years before the show started, so they were pretty well established in my head.

Read more of Charlaine's interview at source.

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