Sunday, 30 January 2011

SFX ‘Vampire Special’ Magazine Out Now In The UK

Woohoo! SFX’s yearly Vampire issue is out tomorrow in the UK and this year we have a two magazines instead of the one, In one magazine you’ll find everything you could ever possibly want on True Blood:
• Interviews with big names from the show – including Stephen Moyer (Bill), showrunner Alan Ball, Nelsan Ellis (Layfaette), Sam Trammel (Sam), Joe Manganiello (Alcide) and Linday Pulsipher (Crystal)
• A complete episode guide to all three seasons
• The first half of issue one of the fantastic IDW True Blood comic
• The results of a reader poll to find the best ever episodes
• A look at True Blood merchadise
• A Bon Temps tourist brochure
• The show’s wildest ever moments
• The best cliffhangers
• A guide to swearing on the show
The other magazine encompasses the whole world of vampires, in TV shows, movies and more.
• Twilight
• The Vampire Diaries
• Being Human
• Stakeland
Universal’s Son Of Dracula
• ’80s classics Fright Night
• How Buffy The Vampire Slayer owes everything to The Lost Boys
• Vamp
• Plus, a look at the saucy vampire films of notorious Spanish film director Jess Franco
• There’s also the return of grumpy teenage cartoon character Jack the Vlad!
Go and buy tomorrow guys and if it’s anything like last years issue it should be awesome! :)
UPDATE: check out the True Blood Scans here!

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