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True Blood Season 4 Spoilers 'A Fans View'

Taken from tbrantsandraves blog, A fan's theory on the recent True Blood spoilers!

Like most rabids, I have spent way too many hours of my life thinking about the implications of the recent True Blood casting call (hey, it beats doing my taxes). As much as I have enjoyed the Eric/Sookie love-in at this blog, I am ready for some conspiracy theories and the casting call for Episode Five provides a plethora of them.
For the past several months, I’ve entertained a theory that Yvetta was sent to Fangtasia by Bill. I was in the process of writing a post about this when the casting call for Episode 5 was announced. One item, in particular, in this casting call seemed to support my theory.
[SHERIFF 1 AND SHERIFF 2] 30s – 40s, male, these snickering vampire sheriffs, under Bill’s purview, disagree with his decision regarding a witch’s fate…1 line, 1 scene
When I read this, I thought “WowThat is a lot of information for a casting call.” Then I thought “Witch = Yvetta” The next line about Bill deciding her fate indicated a vested interest in her situation which would support my theory that he had sent her to Fangtasia to distract/spy on Eric.
So I began to edit my piece by dropping the above casting nugget into it, but I just couldn’t get through it.
I’ll be honest; something about this casting call seems off to me. It is for this reason that I feel weird using any information from this casting call to support a pet theory of mine because I simply do not trust the source.
I’m towing a delicate line here. I’m not going to the extreme and proclaiming this casting call complete bullshit, because I don’t think that it is, but there is something that seems off about this one. It is not like casting calls have not provided spoiler information in the past, they have, but nothing like this. There seems to be major plot spoilage here that was unnecessary and unusual for a casting call.
I’ve gone back and re-read this casting call several times and, while Bill’s exact position is up for debate, I don’t see how you can read this and not think Bill has gained some degree of power. The crux of my issue with this is NOT what it says about Bill’s power. I think the likely power vacuum created by Cemented Russell, Forgetful Eric, and who the hell knows QSA, creates a situation that Bill would step into in some form. My issue is: Why would you give out major plot information at this stage?
Bill taking power seems like kind of a big deal to me. Thus, it seems suspicious that Alan Ball would completely blow his wad early and reveal this information when it is not necessary.
Go back and look at the casting call as it relates to Bill. Did we REALLY need to know that a guard that is only scheduled to be in ONE scene is a guard of Bill’s? Wouldn’t a generic Vampire Guard title suffice?
Same question applies to the two vampire sheriffs casting call. Why did we need to know they are under “Bill’s purview”? Wouldn’t a generic “disagree with a vampire’s decisions regarding a witch’s fate” do the job?
Last year, they were all about keeping Bill’s story arc tightly under wraps and were not above using generic terms in casting calls when it involved information critical to Bill’s story that they didn’t want leaked. Go back and look at the casting call for Anne, the stripper that was procured and then killed in episode 4 of last season, she was described as being “glamoured and devoured by 3 vampires.” Bill’s role in this killing, and how it related to his Season 3 story arc, was major. They didn’t want this information out at the time of the casting call so they used generic times. Why then, with a seeming major turn for Bill’s character this season, would they not employ the same strategy as they did last year?
I think it is because the True Blood character’s story arc that they are concerned with keeping under wraps this year is Eric’s NOT Bill’s.
I think Eric getting amnesia, at some point in Season 4, is a given. However, the amount of “Will Eric Get Amnesia” Internet searches that are directed to my blog indicate this is not a universal belief. Ball who confirmed in the Fall of 2009 that Eric would get amnesia is being more coy as we get closer to Season 4 as evidenced by his remarks at Comic-Con 2010: “There’s a character that doesn’t really know who he or she is and becomes a different person than we’ve gotten to know, and maybe someone who has hated this person doesn’t hate them so much anymore.”
So the call for casting an episode entitled “I Hate You, I Love You” (make of that what you will) is really interesting to me. If they HAD used generic terms, like the ones I suggested above, people would know that a “vampire” is judging a “witch”. This combined with the Episode 6 “I Wish I Was the Moon”, the lyrics of which practically had everyone saying, “Hello, Amnesia Eric” would naturally lead many to conclude the amnesia storyline is a done deal.
Alan Ball either got really sneaky here and simply substituted Bill’s name for Eric’s OR he didn’t mind giving up elements of Bill’s story to keep people off track of the main storyline of Season 4: Eric’s amnesia.
Please read the whole article here, agree or not guys, the theory sounds good to me.

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