Sunday, 30 January 2011

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers

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Taken from Ask Ausiello
Question: How about some Human TargetVampire Diaries, or True Blood scoop? —Hayley
 Eeny, meeny, miny… True Blood! Remember last season’s legendary head-turning sex scene between Lorena and Bill? Well, the word around Bon Temps is that there’s a sequence in the upcoming fourth season that will have folks buzzing just as (if not more) loudly. The character at the center of said scene? One Jason Stackhouse. Hit the comments with your theories!
Question: How will Alcide and Sookie’s relationship evolve this season — if at all? Will Alcide begin to develop real romantic feelings for her? —Adam
 “I think Alcide has already developed real feelings for her,” responds exec producer Alan Ball. “But there are certainly obstacles to overcome for both of them.”
And in case you missed it, take from
Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, told E! Online that the show will continue to have a dark tone.
“We’ve got a new presence,” he said. “There will be a new kind of spectre that represents darkness.”
Moyer continued: “We had the wonderful Denis O’Hare as the King of Mississippi last year and he’s [gone] at the end of season three, so we’ve got something else coming in to replace that darkness, which is going to be really interesting, I think, this whole new sort of topic that we haven’t covered.”

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