Thursday, 21 July 2011

Charlaine Harris Answers Fans: Last Two Books Titles Revealed

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Charlaine Harris appeared at the Polaris 25 Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, over the weekend – marking it her first Canadian appearance EVER!

E&S Lovers: Which “team” does she think is the largest one in the fandom? example: Eric lovers, Bill lovers, Quinn lovers…etc. And why does she feel that way?

Charlaine Harris: I don’t classify them because they are both my babies. I love them both equally.

E&S Lovers: Currently, you’re writing Sookie book 12…at this point of the book, what would you title it, if you had the final say?

CH: Dead Locked. Possibly the last book would be Dead End.

E&S Lovers: To promote the Sookie 12 and 13 books, will you consider touring Canada as well?

CH: I won’t say, No for Book 12, but Book 13, I would go into hiding. I’m afraid of the backlash that will wave over the fans, if it doesn’t end the way people want me to finish it. I know, I can’t please everyone…but I want to stay true to how I want it to end.

E&S Lovers: What do you think about fanfics based on your books?

CH: I don’t read it and don’t really like or understand the idea of it. I don’t want to read it in case someone says, I stole an idea from them.

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