Wednesday, 22 June 2011

True Bloods Stephen Moyer 'Mens Health Magazine' Cover And Interview

STEPHEN MOYER HAS FINISHED ONE gym workout and is walking to a boxing studio a block away for a second session. So it's odd to hear him say, in all seriousness, " I am lazy." And then, to drive home the point, "I am lazy. I am lazy."

When he works out, Moyer explains, a trainer must prod him. Otherwise he might quit and go home. "I find that I don't go at it if I don't have someone making me," he says. "You'd be amazed at how quickly I let it all go."

Part of Moyer's ambivalence toward training comes from his upbringing. "I'm an English boy," he says. "I played a lot of sports growing up, but I never had any kind of workout regimen. My working out was with my right arm and it involved a pint glass."

The 41-year-old actor is currently filming the fourth season of HBO's True Blood. In what has become an annual ritual, Moyer is shaping up so that a merely flat stomach doesn't look like a beer belly next to the six-pack of his costar, Ryan Kwanten, a man 7 years his junior. Kwanten's character, he says, "walks into a room and takes his shirt off. That's his normal entrance. Ryan has minus 6 percent body fat."

Moyer also worries about a different sort of immortality. "I didn't want my kids to look back at the show in 20 years' time and go, " 'Who's that slobby git? Oh, it's you, Dad.' "

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