Saturday, 21 May 2011

Twilights Kellan Lutz Talks 'Breaking Dawn' At 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' Film Premiere

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“I would have to say the arm-wrestling scene with Bella,” he said, speaking about when newly turned and newly super-strong vamp Bella (Stewart) battles beefy Emmett Cullen (Lutz). “It turned out really well. I think the fans are really going to enjoy it.”

Lutz isn’t the only one who enjoyed Stewart as a vampire: Both Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson have admitted they loved seeing Stewart get feisty.

“We did a scene in the backyard of the Cullen house where Bella (Stewart) gets mad at me,” Lautner revealed. “She just learned that I imprinted on her daughter, and she is literally throwing me around the backyard. So it was pretty fun to see Kristen try and act all tough. She’s a vampire; she’s chucking me across the yard into trees and stuff. It was funny.

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