Tuesday, 22 March 2011

True Bloods Stephen Moyer 'Behind The Scenes' Video From 'Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix'

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Toyota Racing is sharing a lot of great stuff with the fans from training for the 2011 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Here is just one of many “Behind the Scenes” videos from this past weekend. From Good Day LA, Jillian Barberie-Reynolds interviews her fellow competitor, True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.
Stephen is interviewed in the back seat of a Toyota since it was pouring rain yesterday, here in California. He does admit to “struggling in the rain”, but goes on to say he has always wanted to do this, and to have an opportunity to also benefit charity is an added bonus.

You too can give to Facing the Atlantic and support Stephen Moyer’s charity by making a direct donation to Facing The Atlantic here :


Please note: add the code TB4FTA (True Blood for Facing The Atlantic) to the note of your donation so we can keep track of how much was donated by True Blood / Stephen Moyer fans.
Source: Toyota Racing on facebook.com

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