Friday, 18 March 2011

True Bloods Carrie Preston Talks Season 4

Gianna: What do you think the fans will most look forward to in season 4?
Carrie: Everybody is aware that the witches are coming, I think people are probably looking forward to seeing in what shape and what consequences come from the witches entering this world of vampires and werewolves and faeries... Where are the witches going to fit in? And the audience is going to get a taste of that immediately this season. As for Arlene, everyone is going to be really curious as to what is going to happen. Is she going to have the baby? Isn't she? How does that affect her relationship with Terry?

Gianna: Arlene and Terry have become one of the most loved and loving couples on the show, one of the more stable couples. What do you think Arlene loves so much about Terry? What keeps their relationship going?
Carrie: He's extremely loyal and attentive and this is something that doesn't happen a lot in Arlene's life. Certainly, her relationship with Rene seemed to be that, so it was hard for her to trust that Terry was going to be what he said he was. But he keeps proving that he will do anything for her. I think that's what keeps her in a relationship with him – he's different from everyone else. And he's been through a lot and so has Arlene, so they have that in common. They're protective of each other. Arlene is never without a man. A lot of women are like that in the world, especially in the South, they feel stronger and more comfortable in the world when they have a man by their side. Terry is also really great with her kids, and they're very important to Arlene. That's something that is rare, I think. A lot of men would run away from something like that. But Terry wants that kind of love and constancy in his life, and Arlene is happy to give him that, because it benefits her too.

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