Wednesday, 2 March 2011

True Bloods Anna Paquin And Stephen Moyer Talk Season 4

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Here’s what they say in the video:
“Where has Sookie gone? God, I can’t tell you,” Anna said with a secretive smile. “But she disappeared with a fairy godmother, so who knows.”
And what does Bill think about that? “He’s so over her,” Stephen quipped. “Yeah, it’s just so passé. Sookie who?” “Wow,” Anna responded, feigning surprise at her hubby’s jokes.
Stephen might see your character assume a new position of leadership on the show?
“Hmm, that’s an interesting question,” he said, now eying me a bit more suspiciously. ”I don’t know if you’re allowed to answer that,” Anna interjected.
“It’s different this year,” Stephen said vaguely. “And it’s good because of that.”
Aha! Jackpot! Sort of? That is totally actor code speak for: “Yes, Bill Compton is totally taking over someone’s position!”

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