Friday, 3 June 2011

True Bloods Ryan Kwanten Covers 'DAMAN' Magazine And Interview/Photoshoot With 'YRB' Magazine

by Gina Ponce, Photography by Jeff Forney,
Styling by Darius Baptist, Grooming by Barbara Lamelza

People all over the world have fallen for the Southern drawl of Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s True Blood, but the Louisiana ladies’ man is lucky to have anything at all on the real life, captivating Australian accent of the man behind the character, Ryan Kwanten.

The 34-year-old, who plays Sookie Stackhouse’s oversexed (if there is such a thing) brother on the renowned vampire series, discloses that with no formal training his acting style is “malleable,” allowing him to organically take on any new role without a preconceived idea of how to approach things. This seems to have worked for Kwanten who, even though he says he’s “always surprised” by his True Blood character’s storyline, has brought the fabricated playboy to life to the point that it is now difficult for fans, and sometimes the media, to distinguish between the two. While Jason Stackhouse’s wild and often irresponsible behavior, as well as his toned body, shines through the small screen and into countless photo ops, the actor admits he sees very little of himself in the unreserved young Stackhouse.

“I mean, he looks a lot like me [Laughs]… but I’m much more of a beach kind of guy than a Southern boy. I’m a very sort of analytical guy. I think too much about even the most mundane things that shouldn’t really require that much thought,” he says. “But Jason doesn’t really have that [trait] to think things all the way through. If he wants to do something he just jumps in with no inhibitions, and that’s really liberating for me to play a character like that… I actually find photo shoots really quite hard because it is you; it’s not hiding behind a character. I find it quite unnerving sometimes.”
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