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True Bloods Alexander Skarsgard Talks ‘Eric And Sookie’ And ‘Season 4′

Alexander Skarsgard in the Bayerischer Hof
(C) Syfy / Photo: Gert Herb Bauer
Translated by, Some of these questions have come out a bit wrong me thinks, lost in translation but we get the idea!
Eric Northman on a sofa in the Bayerischer Hof: In Munich Serienjunkies spoke to the nicest man in Sweden on the fourth series True Blood, Comic-Con and how his hair the fans to bring the screams.
In early October Serienjunkies-struck female hearts racing: one of the most beautiful men in Sweden was at the launch of the vampire series “True Blood“at the transmitter SyFy Munich. byAlexander Skarsgard has a large room in the Bayerischer Hof’s very young and almost a little shy. With a cappuccino it makes to the 1.90 meter tall actor in the old-fashioned sofa comfortable® are questions to answer.
SJ: In the series “True Blood” you play the Swedish vampire Eric Northman. Was it coincidence or actually examined the casting directors immediately after an actor who speaks Swedish?
You have searched in Europe and the USA for the right performer. In the end, they really have found a Swede.
SJ: So you could say the scenes in Swedish accent.
Exactly. On the idea with the Swedish, we were not here earlier. Generally, they wanted Eric also has a very strong accent in English, but I was able to convince them that it was illogical for such an old vampire could not speak several languages fluently and without accent. He has, after all, lived thousands of years. But I suggested that we could incorporate a few Swedish phrases, so that Eric does not like all the other vampires, but is given something exotic.
SJ: Is Alan Ball happy to respond to such proposals? And there were other ideas that could bring you?
Alan is generally very open to any suggestions. A series is a joint process of authors and performers. At least that is on “True Blood” so. If, after receipt of the script have an idea or change a dialogue like, you can always talk with the author of the episode. They are very open to suggestions. It is an open dialogue and for me as an actor also very important.
SJ: How did the change in the haircut?
In season one I was wearing a wig. I had previously in the series “Generation Killplayed “as a soldier and had a military haircut. So I wore a wig and the first time after the first season we had had enough of the kind of thing. The wig finally had to retire into.
SJ: Will we see more in the fourth season of Eric’s past? The reviews were a highlight of the third season.
I hope so. These flashbacks also have a lot of fun to me incredible. One understands this character so much better. The authors are currently writing the scripts for the new season. Filming is to start in two months (ie in early December, the Red Note) – I really do not know what they have planned for the new season. It would surprise me, however, if there were no flashbacks.
SJ: Will we get to see in season four, the story of Eric’s memory loss? And with it a lot more scenes with Sookie and Eric?
Well, who knows. The series has developed a life of its own and certain liberties allowed in comparison to the books. Lafayette also still alive. (In the books it is the murder victim at the end of the first volume, note the editor)
It takes a certain amount of creative freedom for such a series. I must confess I do not know what will happen and it needs to know but not necessarily. When I read the first script, for me to feel like the fans who see the first episode of a season and are wondering what happened.

SJ: Do you have a favorite scene?
I love the Swedish scenes and flashbacks. And in the third season a flashback played so well in Germany. Do you remember the scene in the second episode?
SJ: The Nazi wolf scene? Why had now necessarily Nazis, was not clear to me, but your German was good.
Thank you (He says in German, note by the editor). I think the Eric-Pam story was also beautiful in the third season. This has to represent love and affection, I liked it.
SJ: We all love Pam at the office.
Yes, Kristin Bauer is just incredible. She had initially only a small role and then have Alan and the authors really listened to the fans and character always expanded its. In season three she was already much more often and I hope that this is in its fourth season might be extended again.
SJ: There was also criticism that, in the third season was just too many characters, whose stories were told in part, uninteresting. For example, the plots at Lafayette and Sam. How do you see?
Hm, I do not know. As happened pretty much in the season, but the characters are interesting and have had this year to do it so much. We’ll see how it goes with them in the future.
SJ: If the husband of Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, ever said before one of your love scenes with his wife something to you?
No. I mean, I like Anna very much, but he knows that this is a platonic relationship and are very good friends easily. I’m actually pretty sure that Stephen has no problems since.
SJ: Are turning rather the love scenes or action scenes?
I like both of you. Especially when you can combine the two, as in episode eight … Talbot!
SJ: The scene was just super. And very bloody.
to shoot the scene, a lot of fun. And it was very bloody.
SJ: When you went to the casting of the series, were you aware that it would be so many nude scenes?
No, I do not know. But I have no problem with it. If it makes sense in the story, that’s fine.
SJ: Can you still move unrecognized by the public or wait screaming “True Blood” fans in the front door?
I noticed that the situation has changed after we no longer use the wig. But my character has evolved. In the first season Eric was occurred in only seven episodes. Last year at Comic Con, which took place simultaneously with the beginning of the second season, I suddenly saw all these fans, and I only was really aware of what this could mean.
SJ: You were this year as the only member of the main cast of the show not at Comic-Con.
Yes, unfortunately. The weekend had the year before was a lot of fun. When we’re on the set of the series, we do not really have time to do something together. But events like the Comic-Con is different. I turned at the time watching a movie in Sweden. We have really tried everything to me somehow to get to San Diego, but it was unfortunately impossible.
SJ: recognize you, the fans in Germany?
Strangely, there were a few fans outside the hotel. I did not think that the show is so well known here.
SJ: Will you go to Oktoberfest? This is indeed the last weekend.
I go private with a few friends from Stockholm. But we have no camera crew here, but just enjoy the time. This must be experienced somehow even if you are in Munich.
SJ: Thank you for your time and have fun at the Oktoberfest.
Thank you.

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