Sunday, 30 January 2011

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers

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What can I be looking forward to between Eric & Sookie in season 4 of True Blood? — @Leandi_Cameron
Whatever is in store for the painfully attractive pair, count on a hunky (probably shirtless) werewolf being in the way. Joe Manganiello told us at the Producers Build Awards: “Wherever Sookie goes, Alcide is not going to be that far behind. He is very protective of her in the way that dogs are protective of their owners. Even tiny dogs will bark and stand up to whoever or whatever is threatening their master despite how tiny they are compared to the tormenter. That’s the same theory at the heart of Alcide. Fortunately he is a bit bigger than a purse dog and his bark and bite are pretty ferocious
OK! I think it will be going a bit by the books with their relationship which I dont mind but I hope we still see Sookie’s relationship with Eric go further, which we book fans want.

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