Saturday, 29 January 2011

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers

With filming for ’True Blood beginning next month, it’s no surprise that EW’s Michael Ausiello has managed to snag the low-down on five new characters that we’ll be meeting in the shows anxiously awaited fourth season.
Here’s what he had to say …

Marnie is a Z-list palm reader who’s painfully aware of what a joke she is — that is, until she comes to be possessed by the spirit of a real witch. Anybody else thinking said sorceress might turn out to be the Hallow character Alan Ball told me about back in August?
Andy’s sister, Portia, is as easy on the eyes as she is sharp in the courtroom. And, since I hear possible portrayers have to be cool with nude scenes, we’re gonna get an eyeful.
Naomi is an Asian-American cage fighter who, outside of the ring…er, cage…is hot-’n’-heavy with one of her female competitors. My hunch is that, driven away by brother Sam, Tommy starts putting up his dukes for money instead of his paws.
Queen Mab is an elegant beauty who presides over a fantasy land that sounds a lot like the fairy domain into which Sookie (Anna Paquin) keeps being pulled. But, ethereal as her highness may be, she’s also got a temper…
Suzanne McKittrick is a Real Housewivestype who throws a hootenanny to bond with “her kind.” That “kind,” I’m thinking, being shapeshifters like buttoned-down African-American (and fellow newbie) Emory Broome.
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[EARL] A middle-aged man. He heroically sacrifices himself to help a loved one..ONE EPISODE GUEST STAR
[LUNA GARZA] In her 20s – 30s, Latina, super sexy as well as intellectual, she’s a public school teacher and shapeshifter who attends an informal gathering with others like her and finds solace in their company…SERIES REGULAR – NUDITY REQUIRED
[DAISY] In her 20s, bookish in 401, but lets her hair down and is suddenly hot in 402. You know, that naughty librarian thing. She is part of Marnie’s wiccan group…POSSIBLE RECURRING
[EMORY BROOME] In his 50s, African American, prissy and conservative, he’s another shapeshifter who attends an informal gathering with others like him and finds solace in their company…
[ERNESTO] In his 40s, brusque and irritable, he’s a contractor installing a new deck in someone’s house, and he doesn’t want to get in any trouble with his foreman…4 lines, 2 scenes
[DRUNK MAN] In his 40s, drunk, lascivious and obnoxious, he harasses Naomi and her companion…4 lines, 1 scene
[BECKY] 9 years old, a shelter kid at Hotshot, she laughs over Jason’s concerns…3 lines, 1 scene
[TIMBO] 14, an alpha male in training, he’s another shelter kid at Hotshot who asks Jason to look at the icebox. ..2 lines, 1 scene
[LLOYD] A male faerie…1 line, 1 scene
[SERVANT FAERIE] He or she provides bowls of delicious-looking fruit to partygoers…1 line, 1 scene
[NEWS CORRESPONDENT] A television reporter, he is frustrated by the lack of usable responses from an interviewee…2 lines, 1 scene
[MATT] 20s, this hot young “fangbanger” (vampire groupie) at Fangtasia flirts with a vampire…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene
[GROUP] During an incantation, these wiccan group members repeat after Marnie…2 lines, 1 scene
[SECURITY OFFICER] This enormous security officer allows Daisy to move past him…1 line, 1 scene
[CUSTOMERS (VOICE OVER)] These customers at Merlotte’s gossip about Sam’s recent ordeals…1 speech, 1 scene VOICE OVER

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